Alternatives for Vets has created a Membership model for services and benefits.

Alternatives for Vets core services are free to veterans – and always will be. We are now offering an optional membership option, which comes with even more services and features available to our members. Our members are community heroes and Veterans who have used our services and found the alernative to visiting a local VSO office welcoming and educational. Our members are not the claimant in an open claim with the VA. A member is not a board member.

As a valued member your direct contributions helps us provide free services to more Veterans in your community.

Help us support our infrastructure and scale our services.

You may be interested in one or all of the areas below as a community donor.

  • Videos with coaching strategies to prepare, engage, and present your case to the VA
  • Direct case manager access for best practice strategies
  • The claim process increases stress. Learn how insert MI skills and BSFT to manage the wait long time
  • Access to workshops and podcast events
  • Education videos and live sessions pertaining to compensation and pension exams
  • Understanding VA terminology and rating guidelines
  • Adapting our intake qudrant solving system to help you have a better relationship with your Veterans

Do I need to pay Alternatives for the work performed for on my claim?

No, You do not need to sign up for membership services to receive claim assistance. This membership is Not FOR CLAIM PROCESSING. Your membership helps us operate and cover other benefits explained to you in the membership details.

Become a Member Today.


$380 annually


$35 monthly

Secure Document Storage

Another Benefit

24/7 Support

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